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Hobie Strands FAQs


How big is the Strands motor?

The Strands has a 750W motor with 80nm of torque

How big is the Strands battery?

The Strands has a 48V 15ah 720 Wh LG Cell batteries, with a range of 25 to 50 miles

Does the Strands have front and rear lights?

Yes, the Strands has front and rear lights

What kind of display screen does the Strands have?

The Strands has a 850C color contrast screen, that is great in the sun light

Does the Strands have pedal assist and how does the pedal assist work?

Yes, the Strands has 5 levels of pedal assist. 1 being the least amount of power and 5 being the most amount of power. Once pedal assist is on as you pedal you will start to feel power from the motor dependent on what level you are on.

Does the Strands have a throttle and how does the throttle work?

Yes, the Strands has a thumb throttle. Simply push it down and it will engage the rear motor. You will have to hold it down to maintain your speed


How many gears does the Strands have?

The Strands has a 7 gear Shimano system

Do the pedals fold?

Yes, the pedals on the strands fold

How much weight can you fit on the back of the Strands?

The Strands rear rack can hold 60-80 pounds.

What is the total weight limit of the Strands?

The Strands can hold 350 pounds.

How many pounds does the Strands weigh with the battery and without the battery?

The Strands weighs 60 pounds with the batteries & 50 pounds without the batteries

How big are the tires & what kind of tires are they?

The Strands tires are 20" x 4". They are the Kenda Krusade brand

Does the Strands have suspension?

Yes, the Strands has front suspension

Can you adjust the Strands handlebars?

Yes, you can bring the Strands handlebars closer to you or further away


What is the standover height of the Strands?

That Standover height for the Strands is 19"

What are the dimensions of the Strands when folded down?

41" x 26" x 28"

What is the minimum and maximum seat height of the Strands?

The minimum seat height is 34" & the maximum is 42"

What is the recommended rider height for the Strands?

We recommend customers be between 5'0" - 6'2". To also comfortably rider our e-bikes, having an inseam of at least 32" will allow you to sit on the Strands with the balls of your feet touching the ground


What car hitch rack do you recommend for your e-bikes?

We recommend the Hollywood Rack Sport Rider

What are some accessories that I can mount on the handlebars of my Strands?

You can mount on a phone holder, cup holder, left side mirror and much more

What kind of accessories can I mount on the back of my Strands?

You can mount on a milk create, saddle bags, small basket, childs seat and much more.

Can I carry a dog on my Strands?

Yes, we recommend the Bark Bay Front Basket Bag that will mount on to the front of your handlebars

Can I put a surf rack on my Strands?

Yes we recommend the Moved By Bikes Longboard Rack